BreakThrough Communications offers a full spectrum of public relations services designed to help clients make an impression that counts. Our services include:

Strategic Communications

Planning Effective, customized public relations plans that fit perfectly with business objectives, build reputations and reach target audiences.

Media Relations

We make sure clients’ stories are relevant and newsworthy. We position their story for the best possible media coverage across all channels – from the op-ed pages of the nation’s top daily newspapers to the latest social media channels.

Corporate Positioning and Key Message Development

Great PR starts with clear, compelling messages: What do you want to say and who do you want to say it to? What’s your promise to your customers? We’re expert at working with you to develop key messages that leave a lasting impression.

Media Training

We provide clients with the knowledge we’ve gathered from years inside key media gatekeeper positions. We create stories and messages that win – for our clients and the reporter. And we tailor our training sessions specifically to clients so spokespeople can address any media encounter with confidence. Our media training techniques work wonders in every presentation situation…from board meetings to public seminars.

Social Media

Social media outlets are powerful communications channels for organizations to get their point across. Google, blogs, FaceBook, You Tube and Twitter give everyone, regardless of size, the means to engage growing online audiences. BreakThrough Communications principal Paul Sullivan is a social media pioneer, building effective online relationships and communities including the creator and editor of the Webby-award winning citizen journalism website Orato.com. In addition to increasing online visibility, we monitor clients’ online image and ensure that cyberspace is a safe place to build your brand.

Event Planning and Promotion

From grand openings to conferences and trade shows, BreakThrough provides the skill and experience that makes you stand out from the crowd at the event.

Editorial and Design Services

BreakThrough’s Paul Sullivan is still an active journalist and writes a national financial column for the Globe and Mail and an opinion column for Metro newspapers. Martin Livingston also has an extensive background in financial journalism. Together we deliver top quality web sites, blogs, news releases, information kits, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, corporate videos, speeches and marketing materials.

Issues Management/Crisis Communications

Our decades of daily newsroom management are valuable when a client is faced with a communication crisis. We help organizations and individuals prepare, build, manage, recover and protect their reputation.

Labour Relations

Whether a client is gearing up for contentious contract negotiations, faced with a work-to-rule campaign or weathering a full-blown strike, BreakThrough Communications has the experience and the track record to successfully get your message across to employees, the media, customers and other important stakeholders. Communications are designed to support the client’s labour relations strategy, respect labour laws and protect corporate reputations.

Community Relations

Integrating research, public involvement strategies and traditional media and social media, BreakThrough Communications generates public support and helps clients reach consensus on issues of importance with regulatory agencies, elected officials, government-policy makers and special interest groups.

Opinion Research and Measurement

Customer surveys, focus groups, target audience audits and interviews all help you evaluate stakeholder perceptions and identify new market opportunities. We employ the latest techniques to measure the effectiveness of the results of our efforts on behalf of our clients.