Critical Mass Makes a Mess of Their Message

Urban Compass by Paul Sullivan published in Metro News

What is it with Critical Mess, er, Mass?

Billed as a “grassroots reclamation of public space on the last Friday of the month, which allows cyclists and other self-propelled people to move safely and comfortably through city streets in a car-free space,” it seems more like a giant mobile mob to me.  …read full story

Iggy’s road trip skips a crucial step

Just Saying by Paul Sullivan, published in Metro Canada

Whatever happened to Michael Ignatieff?

Michael Who?

You know, Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leader? That guy who always comes in second to Stephen Harper in the polls?

Well, he stopped beating his head against the polls and joined thousands of Canadians on that great summer migration — the classic road trip.  …read full story

iPad Revolution Can Benefit Your Business Publication

Paul’s article published in Alliance News

I’m not making this up: Last summer, I was in a coffee shop waiting for a colleague, reading an article from Runner’s World, one of my favorite magazines, on my iPhone, while listening to John Legend music stored on the same device and periodically checking my e-mail and text messages.

I remember thinking, this little mobile device is terrific, but the screen’s too small. At that moment, my colleague, who is one of my IT partners, arrived and sat down.   …read full story