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    BreakThrough Communications Inc. is a dynamic, forward thinking corporate communications and public relations consulting firm committed to helping our clients break through barriers and deliver targeted, compelling messages to audiences that matter. We provide clients with customized communications programs that have a significant and measurable impact on their performance and bottom line. Our team of communications professionals has deep experience in both traditional and social media and can help reach multiple audiences online and offline with creative strategies tailored to meet specific needs and situations, providing meticulous implementation and detailed follow-through. At BreakThrough Communications, we help you get your point across, build your brand and grow your business.
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    A Top LinkedIn Exec On Why Content Marketing Matters More Than Ever By Jonathan Lister http://www.fastcompany.com/3009543/dialed/a-top-linkedin-exec-on-why-content-marketing-matters-more-than-ever via @FastCompany
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    Paul Sullivan is an "ideas man" who also knows what's involved in execution. From high-level planning, facilitation and coaching to feedback on press releases, his talents are diverse. And his media savvy is tremendous -- beyond anyone else I know. Moreover, Paul is easy to work with, dynamic, personable and reliable. Any non-profit or charity would be lucky to have him on their side.
    Sarah Hamid-Balma
    Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division